What do the beeps mean?


Number of beeps  What it means  
1 Everything is OK

When you travel through a toll point, your tag automatically deducts the cost of the toll from your account. The single beep tells you that the payment has been made successfully.  

 1 then 2 Warning

Your account balance is low. 

You need to top up your account.  If your account is:

  • manually topped up - you need to top up your account immediately to avoid slipping into the red
  • set to automatically top-up - your account will be topped up automatically.
4 Problem

Your account has a negative balance and could be suspended. 

You need to top up immediately, because each time you travel through a toll point and hear 4 beeps:

  • a photo will be taken of your vehicle
  • you may receive an Toll Invoice requesting payment of the toll
  • a Video Matching Fee will be applied per toll point and an administration fee may also be charged.
none Problem 

Your tag may not be installed correctly. Please read the go via Tag Installation Guide.


There may be a problem with your tag. Please contact our customer care team to report the problem.