go via tag

A go via account with a tag is the cheapest and easiest way to pay for your tolls. Plus you can use your account on any Australian toll road. Just make sure you have sufficient funds on your tolling account to cover your usage.go via tag
Some great reasons to get a go via account with a tag:
  • it's deposit free
  • your toll credit never expires
  • use it on all Australian toll roads
  • no minimum usage fees apply
  • only $25 in prepaid tolls to set up your account
Installing your tag
Attach the go via tag to the inside of your vehicle's windscreen. As your vehicle travels under the toll point the go via tag will beep and the toll is deducted from your account. 
Sign up now:
Top-up options
You have the choice of topping up either automatically (free) or manually ($1.19 per top-up)
go via statements
Are available monthly or quarterly, electronically (free online) or printed ($3.59 by mail).
Note: a credit card or debit card number is required to make your initial payment and the account must have sufficient funds to process your payment.