go via business

go via business is for business customers only, and can be used on all Australian toll roads.

You can link all your fleet vehicles to the one account with the cost saving benefits of an in-vehicle tag. For extra flexibility you may prefer the video payment option*. This doesn't require a tag, and can still accommodate multiple vehicles on the one account. Or choose a combination of both.

There are two account options to choose from, depending on your usage level.

Pre-paid account

For businesses that use less than $5000 worth of tolls per month
  • deposit free
  • toll credit never expires
  • no minimum usage fees
  • only $25 in prepaid tolls to set up your account
  • go via statement available (free online or $3.59 by mail)
  • you can choose to have a combination of in-vehicle tags and video options on the one account
  • option to upgrade to post-paid account if monthly spend increases
  • online account management

Post-paid account

For businesses that use more than $5000 worth of tolls per month
All the benefits of a pre-paid account, plus:
  • monthly invoicing
  • available to all ABN registered businesses
  • applications are subject to credit approval
Contact our customer care team to sign up
*A go via video payment option will attract an additional video matching fee per toll point, in addition to the toll.