go via pre-paid passes

Want to pay for a one-off trip? go via has two types of pre-paid passes which can be purchased with cash.  Choose from either a Toll Credit pass or a Trip pass.


 Trip pass
  • available for class 2 vehicles only
  • available for Gateway and Logan motorways only
  • pass options include Murarrie single/return and Loganlea-Heathwood single/return.


Murarrie Single $6.03
Murarrie Return $10.89
Loganlea - Heathwood Single $6.51
Loganlea - Heathwood Return $11.85


Toll Credit passes

  • cover your travel on the AirportlinkM7, Go Between Bridge, Clem7, Legacy Way, Gateway and Logan motorways
  • come in three pre-set amounts of $10, $20 and $50.

All pre-paid passes:

  • incur a video matching fee per toll point in addition to the $1.17 retail service fee
  • are only available at a participating go via retailer
  • can have only one vehicle per pass
  • are non refundable or transferable
  • are valid for up to 90days.


Read Trip and Toll Credit passes terms and conditions.


Want to buy your pass online?

You can set up a go via road pass online before travel or up to 3 days after. Buy a pass now.