go viatag

go viatag is the most cost effective and convenient way to pay for your tolls:A go viatag
You can use a go viatag on any Australian toll road, including Brisbane's Clem 7 Tunnel, and Go Between Bridge.  You can even take it interstate with you to use on toll roads in New South Wales and Victoria.
Some great reasons to get a go viatag:
  • it’s deposit free
  • your toll credit never expires
  • use it on all Australian toll roads
  • no minimum usage fees apply
  • only $25 in prepaid tolls to set up your account
Attach the go viatag to the inside of your vehicle's windscreen. As your vehicle travels under the toll point the go viatag will beep and the toll is deducted from your account
Sign up now:
Top-up options
You have the choice of topping up either automatically (free) or manually ($1.14 per top-up)
go via statements
Are available monthly or quarterly, electronically (free online) or printed ($3.41 by mail).
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Using cash?
If you set-up your account online or over the phone and want to pay cash, we will mail you a go via account card, which you will need to use for your initial prepayment at a participating go via retailer.
If you visit one of our Customer Service Centre we will issue you with an account card at the time of setting up your account.