Pre-paid account fees

Type Description
Video matching fee*


Applies each time a vehicle travels through a toll point on the go via network without a valid tag or when a tag is not detected at the time of travel. 
NOTE: Video matching fees for travel on AirportlinkM7 are calculated per trip.

Requested statement fee**


Fee for each statement that you request from us.

Direct debit return payment fee


Subject to the relevant bank charge.

Tag non-return fee


For each tag that is not returned on closure of a go via account, or when your tag has been lost or stolen.

Tolls, fees and charges are inclusive of GST.  Toll prices and fees are adjusted on 1 July each year, in line with the annual Brisbane Consumer Price Index (CPI) increase. The current fees listed are valid from 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018.  Please note this does not include AirportlinkM7, where tolls increase on 1 January.

*In special circumstances the fee may not apply to vehicles which are not suitable for tag use such as car carriers, motorbikes, cranes and vehicles fitted with metallic windshields where this vehicle is part of a full account. Please contact go via if you require further assistance.

**You may ask us to mail or email you a copy of your statement. We will charge you a requested statement fee for each statement we provide to you at your request.

Current toll costs

Pre-paid account Customer Service Agreement