What is a toll credit pass?

A toll credit pass gives you pre-paid credit to use on Brisbane toll roads for up to 90 days.

Passes come in pre-set amounts of $10, $20 or $50 with an additional retail service fee of $1.19. They can’t be topped up or extended, but you can backdate them by up to 3 days.

Your pass will close once you’ve used all your credit, or after 90 days. If you're worried about running out of credit, you might like to consider a road pass.

Toll credit passes can only be purchased from participating 7-Eleven, United Petroleum, Puma or newsagent outlets. Find a toll credit pass retailer

Need more info?

Refer to our toll credit pass account fees and toll credit pass Customer Service Agreement

Need to travel for longer?

If you want to travel for more than 90 days, a pre-paid account is the most convenient way to pay for your toll trips. Find out more about a pre-paid account