How do go via accounts work?

With a pre-paid account, your tolls are calculated as you travel, either through a tag device attached to your windscreen or by matching your licence plate number to your account when you pass through a toll point. These tolls are then charged to your account.

You can travel with or without a tag, but for tagless travel you'll be charged a video matching fee every time you pass through a toll point. 

A pre-paid account can be topped up manually or by auto payment from a credit card or bank account. If you're a frequent traveller, opening an pre-paid account may help minimise fees and charges.

commercial account includes advanced features designed to help fleet managers track toll charges. These features make it easy to get itemised financial data and analyse your expenses. With a commercial account you get monthly tax invoices and can pay your fees and charges in arrears.

Toll charges are the same for pre-paid and commercial accounts.

All our accounts let you set up auto payments. As long as your payment details are valid, and you've added all your vehicles to your account with their licence plate numbers, you're covered for travel on all Australian toll roads.